Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets in 2024

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Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets in 2024

Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets in 2024, The best pet insurance for numerous pets is designed to fit the demands of a variety of pets and pet owners. These regulations are intended to support elderly pets, exotic animals, and animals in need of holistic assistance as well as preventative care. In order to compare insurance and wellness plans intended to maintain pets’ health, we conducted research on the top pet insurance providers.

The greatest providers include unique features or perks that make their plans especially advantageous for owners of many pets or those with special needs, even though many pet insurance policies have comparable coverages and limits.

Best Overall: Embrace

Embrace offers a 10% discount for insuring multiple pets, and coverage includes behavioral therapy, which may be a benefit for families trying to integrate new pets into their home. The biggest downside to coverage from Embrace is that it doesn’t include preventative or routine care, which can add up for families with multiple pets.

Coverage types: Exam & consultation fees; diagnostic tests; procedures & treatments; emergency & specialty care; cancer treatments; surgery & hospitalization; behavioral therapy; follow-up care including rehabilitation; prosthetic limbs, devices, & mobility aids; dental illness up to $1,000/year; prescription medications

Best for Senior Pets: Pumpkin

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Launched only in 2020, Pumpkin is a relative newcomer to the pet insurance market. Given that Pumpkin has no upper age limit on applications for coverage, it might be an excellent choice for pet owners who would wish to insure an elderly animal.

Pumpkin reimburses 90% of all covered expenses, as contrast to several pet insurance providers that normally offer a range of reimbursement options from 70% to 90%. Furthermore, policyholders have the choice to set a $10,000 annual claim cap or an unlimited one. Pumpkin provides a 10% discount on numerous pets, much like Embrace does.

Coverage types include: eye, ear, and skin infections; digestive disorders; hip dysplasia; cancer and growths; parasites and infectious diseases; orthopedic injuries; swallowed objects and toxins; diagnostics and treatments; prescription medications; emergencies and hospitalization; surgery and specialized care; advanced care (e.g., stem cell therapy); microchipping; hereditary conditions; dental illnesses; behavioral issues; vet exam fees for accidents and illnesses; virtual vet visits for accidents and illnesses; alternative therapies (e.g. acupuncture), prescription food & supplements

Best for Exotic Pets: Nationwide

It might be difficult to get coverage for exotic animals in the realm of pet insurance because most providers only cover dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. But compared to most providers, Nationwide offers coverage for a far larger variety of animals, which makes it one of the few choices for people who own exotic pets.

The following animals are covered: birds, goats, mice, rats, gerbils and hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, and several amphibians and reptiles, including snakes. For a comprehensive list of animals that are and are not covered by Nationwide pet insurance, get in touch with the business.

Coverage kinds include: illness (ear infections, vomiting, hip dysplasia, heart disease, cancer, diabetes), wellness (checkups, vaccination or titer, flea treatment, heartworm, bloodwork, urinalysis), accident (broken bones, poisonings, sprains, lacerations, struck by car, ingested things), and

Best for Holistic Care: Figo

While Figo provides substantial reimbursement rates of up to 100% of qualified expenses, its endorsement of holistic animal care is where Figo truly shines. Figo provides greater access to holistic treatments, including acupuncture, than any other pet insurance company we surveyed, even though experimental treatments aren’t covered. Generally speaking, acupuncture isn’t covered at all. Additionally, Figo provides optional coverage for regular treatment, like as wellness programs and veterinary examinations.

Coverage types include: common illnesses, veterinary specialist treatments, dental illness & injury, holistic & alternative treatments, wellness coverage, chronic conditions, hereditary and congenital disorders, cancer, pet cloud, surgeries, accidents & emergencies, wellness and preventative care, and veterinary exam fees.

Best for Quick Claims Processing: Lemonade

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Lemonade has established itself as an online provider of life and home insurance as well as pet insurance. Additionally, according to the company website, Lemonade’s AI-enabled claims processing can complete claims in an average of just 2.6 working days thanks to its significant technological investment. Lemonade is notable for its speedy claims processing for qualified expenses, despite having a number of coverage exclusions, such as reoccurring conditions, which might affect a lot of pets.

Coverage kinds include routine dental cleaning, vaccinations, blood tests, fecal or internal parasite testing, heartworm testing, flea/tick/heartworm medication, and chat services for medical assistance.

Things To Consider When Buying Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

Options for coverage: Treatments that are covered differently by various pet insurance providers. While some exclusively cover certain procedures, others include basic veterinary visits. It might be difficult to acquire coverage for holistic care, and experimental treatments are hardly ever covered.

Wellness plans: Many pet insurance offer wellness plans to assist cover the cost of routine veterinary care, including annual checkups, vaccines, lab work, and other services, in addition to accident and illness coverage.

Waiting periods: Prior to the start of coverage, most plans have waiting periods. These waiting times differ based on the condition and the provider.

Exclusions from coverage: Pre-existing conditions are the most prevalent issue that pet insurers refuse to cover. Pregnancy or breeding services are also frequently excluded from insurance coverage. Furthermore, the majority of pet insurance plans exclude spaying and neutering.

Prescription drug coverage: Plan and provider-specific coverage differs, however most insurance plans cover prescription drugs written by veterinarians.

We started by conducting surveys with some of the most well-known pet insurance providers in order to determine which ones are best for households with several pets. We looked at each provider’s coverage options, the types of pets they insure, their exclusions and limitations, and any possible savings. Based on the providers best positioned to assist the largest number of pet owners, we then chose the top insurers for a range of use cases and the best overall pet insurance provider for multiple pets.

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